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Our trolley cars come in various guises and formats to suit specific applications.

Generally they are either a single or double position trolley car with an option of a two tier system if required.

All types can be supplied with any of the pallet roller and chain options described in the relevant data sheets or with other type of conveyor to suit individual requirements.

Standard motors are SEW Eurodrive but other motor manufactures can be used on request.

Base frames are manufactured from structural box section and thick plate while the trolley car wheels are heavy duty castors mounted onto solid steel shafts and have a capacity of over 2.5 tonnes on a single car with four wheels and over 4 tonnes on a double car with six wheels.

The rails are also manufactured form structural box section and are supplied with a range of packers to facilitate levelling.

Guidance is via adjustable precision bearings that act as pinch rollers. These rollers run on the inside of the rail to ensure the trolley car runs true.

Positioning is usually via a laser system or a series of sensors which allow the trolley car to slow down then stop accurately. 

Fixed stops, blade stops and sensor rollers are available for positioning the product on the trolley car if required.