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We design and build customised robot tools to meet any requirement. We have over 10 years of experience in design, build and commissioning of robotic systems in the food and packaging industries.

There are three main types of tool we can supply; each is designed to the exact requirements of each customer and their application.

Firstly there are vacuum tools which are used where there are a wide variety of formats and pick configurations to accommodate. These tools generally need a firm and flat top face to the product to allow the vacuum to be formed.

Secondly there are clamp tools which are generally the simplest type of tool. These can have a single or split clamp plate dependant on how many placements are required.

Lastly there are fork/plate tool which are usually used where the product is unsuitable for either a vacuum or clamp tool. They require either a roller conveyor to pick from with a fork tool or a pusher to load the tool with the plate type.

We have a variety of infeed systems that range from a simple brake/acceleration belt to sophisticated marshalling systems for multiple lanes.

Construction is generally in aluminium for weight saving with certain areas in steel as required.

The tools can be supplied with crash detection and a facility to pick and place both pallets and layer sheets.