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We design and build a range of channelisers to order that would suit most application and products. Pathfinders are used when dividing or combining the flow of product on an automated production line.

We have a wide range of constructions to suit most requirements from large product machines at slow speeds to high speed machines for smaller product.

On one hand speeds of up to 300 packs per minute are achievable in certain circumstances while on the slower speed machines widths of up to 3 meters can be accommodated.

We have a variety of infeed systems that range from a simple brake/acceleration belt to sophisticated marshalling systems for multiple lanes.

Construction can be of either mild or stainless steel dependant on the application.

The machines can be supplied without guarding for integration into other machines or fully guarded and interlocked in a stand alone format.

Frames are manufactured from box section and incorporate polycarbonate, interlocked guard panels while the base machine is constructed from 3mm to 5mm thick side frames.

There is an optional turner that can be integrated before the dividing mechanism to create the high speed turner/divider that is required for some machine infeeds.