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Our turntables can be supplied in various configurations to suit the specific application.

There are two basic types which are friction drive and gear drive with a slewing ring.

All types can be supplied with any of the pallet roller and chain options described in the relevant data sheets.

Standard motors are SEW Eurodrive but other motor manufactures can be used on request.

Support stands and base frames are manufactured from box section and thick plate with a heavy duty adjustable foot for levelling.

Friction driven units have a centre pivot shaft contained in housed bearings and a series of polyurethane coated heavy duty castors which provide the load bearing and rotational support. Drive is provided via a nitrile rubber coated driving wheel. Both the driving wheel and support castors contact a heavy gauge grip faced support ring. This unit is very simple and cost effective for light to medium duty application.

The slewing ring units have a combined heavy duty thrust race with gear teeth machined into the upper race. A pinion is mounted onto the motor shaft and actuates the rotation directly onto bearing which has the conveyor also mounted to the upper race. These units are recommended for heavy duty application due to their exceptionally robust construction. 

Fixed stops, blade stops and sensor rollers are available for positioning the product on the turntable.