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Our range of pallet lifts and stackers can offer various functions and be built in a variety of different formats. There are two basic types of machine.

Firstly there are pallet stackers that will take a pallet or box in to the machine then raise it into a position allowing a second unit to enter and be positioned underneath before lowering the first pallet or box onto the second.

Secondly there are simple lifts that can be fitted with either heavy duty roller, chain or belt conveyor to move pallets or large loads between different elevations or floors.

All the units are manufactured from heavy duty structural box section and thick gauge plate and are counterbalanced to help the efficiency of the drive arrangement.

The lifts arrangement is via a chain drive of different configurations dependant on the application.

Positioning is usually via an encoder or a series of adjustable roller limit switches.

The carriage is kept square by either a four chain and slider block arrangement on heavy applications or a cantilevered carriage with combined bearing guides on lighter applications.

Options include the fitment of a right angle transfer unit or turntable unit so the load can be transferred out of the machine at 90 degrees to the input orientation.

Lifts and stackers can be manufactured from either mild or stainless steel.