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We have a large range of dispensers for pallets, dollies and base sheets/cards.

The pallet and dolly dispensers come in two main variations which are detailed below.

The fork types are used where the type or orientation of the pallet/dolly dictates that the only entry position is in pallet/dolly face that is perpendicular to the direction of travel.

The finger type is used where the entry position for the operation is parallel to the direction of travel. The finger type is usually the preferred option due to its cost effective construction and simplicity.  

The fork type is actuated by a combination of pneumatics and motors with heavy duty roller slides.

The finger type is actuated via pneumatics only and has a range of fully adjustable stops to suit each application as well as the heavy duty roller guides of the fork type.

The base sheet dispenser is used to apply base sheets/cards prior to an automated palletising process. They comes with either an integrated or stand alone magazine to store the sheets/cards. The vertical movement is controlled via pneumatic rodless cylinder carrying the vacuum arm and the horizontal movement is affected via a motorised carriage.

Standard motors are SEW Eurodrive where applicable but other motor manufactures can be used on request.

Frames are manufactured from box section and thick plate with heavy duty adjustable feet for levelling where applicable.